Top Three Best Back Massagers That FEEL Good 2014

Do you have intense back pain? If you do, then you’re like millions of others. Maybe you don’t have serious back pain and just want a good massage after work. For the best results, you’re going to need the best back massager. However, you probably don’t know what massagers are best. We decided this is the absolute best.

We created this top-three list to make it easy for you to make a choice. We’ve performed all of the research, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time and money. Each product on this list has been chosen based on several different criteria. Let’s jump right into it!

Our #1 ChoiceZyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Massage Cushion

For our top choice, we went with the Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Massage Cushion. There is plenty to love about this massager and almost nothing to dislike. If you don’t know much about back massagers, it’s important to understand that you MUST get a shiatsu massager.

The other type of massager does nothing more than vibrate. Shiatsu is actually a specific type of massage, and when simulated with one of these products, it REALLY feels like a professional is rubbing your back with their hands. In fact, some people would agree it feels even better than that.

What we really like about the Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Massage Cushion is the fact that it has nodes for both the back and the neck. It also has nodes for the lumbar/back area, and all of the different nodes are adjustable. As for pros and cons, there are endless pros and virtually no cons.

This product works even better than most people would expect, and it provides a deep, soothing massage. It’s also very durable and should last for several years.

The only potential issue is that people over 6 ft. might have trouble adjusting the massage nodes to optimal positions. Overall, this is truly the BEST back massager ever made, and it WILL change your life for the better. You can click here to purchase it from Amazon.

Our #2 ChoiceThe Sharper Image MSI-CS775H

The Sharper Image MSI-CS775H Air and Shiatsu Massage Cushion is our second choice. It’s not nearly as enjoyable as our #1 choice, but it’s certainly close. It actually has an air massage, which gently squeezes and compresses your lumbar and sides.

Also, the intensity of the air massage can be adjusted from low, to medium to high. It also has two shiatsu massage nodes, and these puppies give a MEAN, deep-kneading massage. It also has strong heat, which we found helps to relax the muscles, and this provides a deeper, soothing massage.

You can choose from your typical three massage programs, which are lower, upper and full back. However, this product is not recommended to be used by diabetics.

The air massage is quite a unique feature with these types of products, and we believe it really does improve the quality of the experience. Overall, this product is very enjoyable and worth the money. You can purchase one from Amazon.

Our #3 ChoiceHoMedics MCS-510H

Our third choice ended up being the HoMedics MCS-510H Total Back and Shoulder Massage Cushion. There are several reasons why we love this product. Yes – it’s not quite as enjoyable as the #1 and #2 choices, but for the money, it’s very comparable in performance, strength and quality.

This cushion has four shiatsu massage nodes to offer. The nodes knead, roll and spot for a deep, gentle and focused massage. What we really like about this product is its coverage. It easily spans the entire width and height of your back and shoulders. Its massage zones are lower back, middle, upper and full.

It also provides soothing heat, adjustable width and a programmable remote. Something that is truly amazing about this back massage is the ability that it gives you to stop the massager on a specific area. For example, as the rollers move across your back, you can click a button and cause the rollers to knead that specific area.

This is perfect for anyone who has a problem area in their back or shoulders because it provides a perfectly isolated massage. There are really no cons to speak of. This product far exceeds the expectations of most consumers. You can buy it here on Amazon.