The Best Back Massage Chairs for 2017

The best way to reduce stress is through a massage. Your body gets tense from stress, creating knots in the muscles and is responsible for putting more pressure on healthy circulation. Medical science studies agree that massage therapy can be beneficial for those who suffer chronic and non-specific low-back pain, which is related to stress.

Most of us have walked by those fabulous massage chairs located in malls and shopping centers, just luring us to sit down and relax a while. You will see the truly brave ones sitting there, half asleep and feel a tinge of jealousy set in. If you are a private person who entertains the relief a massage chair provides, the good news is you can easily get one of the best back massage chairs for 2017, now entering the market.

Let’s take a look at different options in massage chairs for you.

Best Back Massage chairs for 2017

The Shiatsu Massage chair is the current contender in perfection when it comes to massage chairs. This is one of the model chairs you may be envying in those malls and shopping centers. It is a showstopper. Beyond this, it reclines into a flat, bed formation offering even more relaxation while the chair goes to work on your sore, stressed muscles.

This chair provides the following massage techniques:

  • Shiatsu: Power rollers push down in rotation to relax muscle stress, take away your fatigue and bring the mind and body back to a normal state of rejuvenation.
  • Kneading: Working out the knots is an important part of the massage process, as it reduces muscle pain and allows more flexibility.
  • Rolling: Thinks of many fingers fixed and pressing down for direct effect in a moving up and down repetition.
  • Compression: This is an excellent feature to help posture and circulation, as well as mobility
  • Chop Action: What massage chair shouldn’t include the ‘chop action’. This is simply tapping and flapping, it is meant to relax stiff muscles, soften fatty deposits, stimulate nerves and really work out those stressed muscle.

This is an all-around good quality massage chair for the home or office. It is not too bulky or too expensive and has a solid reputation for providing great results on a continual basis.

If you are looking for the gold standard in massage chairs, this would be the one. There is some serious technology happening with this product. It is considered a zero gravity chair, which is beneficial to minimizing strain on your vertabrae; perfect for those who suffer acute or chronic back pain.

Take a look at the many functions of this massage system:

  • Airbag pressure: with the remote control you can adjust all operation, including increasing or reducing the nice airbags massage rollers which gently apply pressure for targeted areas. There are three levels of airbag intensity control and three massage speed controls.
  • Massage combos: Along with the typical kneading, tapping, and chop action, you can activate all three in the zero gravity chair. This includes four automatic massage programs and a three state ultra automatic zero gravity multi-function
  • Zero Gravity: With much attention to quality and innovation based on consumer’s needs, you will experience less stress on your heart and vertebraes and be able to relax more.
  • Buttlock L-Tracking: This is a new function which allows the rollers to glide from the upper back throught the seat for a full body massage.
  • Computerized body scanning: New technological advances in massage chairs means there now is a built-in sensor which will automatically measure your length of spine and smart technolgy knows where the targeted areas are that need the most attention.
  • Deep tissue/full body stretching: Designed to mimic a human-like massage, the stretching function is called ‘spinal decompression’ program. The chair will adjust to a calculated point, and slowly stretch out the leg and back musscles. It works hard to align the lower back and pelvis area.
  • Lower back heating: You will also receive a chair with the capapbilities of heating in the massage experience. You can enhance destressing of the muscles with the 2 lower back heating pads.
  • This golden massage chair comes with a large viewing screen and remote control so you have the opportunity to see what functions the chair has activated.

At a high price tag, this is the absolute best of the best in massage therapy. The Robotic 7 was rated the worlds number 1 massage chair at CES in 2014, and still is the top contender. The iRobotics 7 massage chair embraces the latest in all massage technologies.

This is an amazing massage experience, and here is what you will look forward too with the iRobotics 7:

  • Body shape detection: prepares you for the most advance 3D robotic massages with unique features for up to 5 different users, using memory settings. Also receive 5 levels of multi-sectional intensity controls.
  • Full body heat: Continues to feet, seat and back with advanced sole massagers with double rollers, twist stretching, and removable food pads (not found on any other product on the market).
  • Comforting Acupuncture points: Arm massages and also a fully functional swival with a twist stretching.
  • MP3 music system: Intregrated into the system is an ultra clean music option with 9 automatic setting and limitless customizable play. The remote control for the system is technologically advanced with smart controls and a huge screen for visualization of functions.
  • Completely customizable: from fully automatic to manual control of every function imaginable. Intensity can be adjusted for targeted areas or complete a full body massage. Zero gravity offers one push of a button to recline the entire chair for ultimate relaxation.

Get ready: This massage chair is a robotic machine cabale of doing functions no other competitor can such as voice response, touch screen remote control, smart phone integrated, full body scans, personal user memory settings and so much more.

The only massage chair researched, developed and assembled in the USA. FDA and UL listed the only chair on the market to be approved for use and safety