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Foam Roller Lower Back Exercises

Foam rollers are a great workout tool for getting rid of aches, pains, and kinks in the lower back. Foam rollers are used in physiotherapy also so you know that this product is proven to work. Foam rollers are unstable allowing you to work on your core strength usually but they are also used for stretching out areas that are usually hard to stretch, especially the lower back.

Lower back stretching is key. Place the foam roller on a matt or somewhere you feel comfortable. Lie down with the roller positioned on your lower back. Cross your arms at your stomach or chest area, slowly rock back and forth on the roller...

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Best Foam Rollers For Runners

Foam rollers are seen in every gym all over the world, and for a good reason. These rollers keep the muscles stretched out for a better overall workout. Runners should know the benefits of using a foam roller and they should also know which foam roller is best for them. There are all kinds of rollers out there such as ones with groves in them, some of them are just plain, some are soft and some are hard. In this article the best foam roller for runners specifically will be brought to your attention. Where to buy these foam rollers and also some target areas on your lower body that you can focus on during your workouts to help make your run a lot easier.

Now chances are that you most likely use a foam roller after your run to relax your muscles for less soreness during t...

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