Foam Roller Lower Back Exercises

Foam rollers are a great workout tool for getting rid of aches, pains, and kinks in the lower back. Foam rollers are used in physiotherapy also so you know that this product is proven to work. Foam rollers are unstable allowing you to work on your core strength usually but they are also used for stretching out areas that are usually hard to stretch, especially the lower back.

Lower back stretching is key. Place the foam roller on a matt or somewhere you feel comfortable. Lie down with the roller positioned on your lower back. Cross your arms at your stomach or chest area, slowly rock back and forth on the roller. Make sure when you do this that you relax your back some people will flex there back while they do this and not get the full benefit that the foam roller can do. This exercise is to massage your lower back to rid yourself of aches and pains.

For better spine mobility, again start with the foam roller positioned on your lower back. Your feet should be flat on the ground and your butt should be raised. Then you should slowly walk forward until the roller is about midway up your back then slowly go back to your starting position. Slowly tilting your body will also intensify your workout and can help with sculpting your core area.

One of the better lower back exercises is you should start with the roller slightly below the neck with your feet in front of you and your butt raised of the ground to create a bridge you then slowly walk forward with your hands crossed at the chest. Go all the way to the base of the spine and slowly go back up, stopping halfway up the back this time. Repeat this until you feel like all the kinks are gone. Professional athletes do these all the time to keep their bodies fresh and able to perform everyday at such high levels and they have been known to encourage the use of foam rollers on the back to help any one experiencing pain.

woman rolling

The lumbar spine near the lower back is also very important to workout. Start with the foam roller on the small of your lower back and tilt your body to the left. Make sure to keep your spine straight, tilt the whole body putting all of your weight on to the left elbow. The pressure shouldn’t be directly on your spine but slightly to the left. Then lift the left leg and hold your knee bent. Roll up and down in small movements with the left side of your back to exercise that part of your body, while doing this exercise I is really important to avoid twisting and rolling directly on your spine.  If you do this exercise on your spine it is possible that you can really hurt yourself which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve so be careful when performing any back stretches or workouts. This exercise can be don on both the left and the right side of your body. Straightening out your knee can create more pressure. Most foam rollers can hold up to 500lbs of pressure so don’t be afraid to really let loose and put all pressure on your roller.

In conclusion a foam roller is a great way to stretch out all your muscles. The lower back is often hard to stretch out and is so important in your everyday life that making sure it is pain free is key. Using different foam roller exercises can help alleviate injuries and pains that you might have. Continuing these stretches for long periods of time will help decrease the chance of injury in the future. Amazon is an excellent place to buy all sorts of foam rollers. It is important that you get the right one for you. They are not expensive and can keep your body, more importantly your lower back feeling great so you can go about your day pain and worry free.