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The Best Back Massage Chairs for 2017

The best way to reduce stress is through a massage. Your body gets tense from stress, creating knots in the muscles and is responsible for putting more pressure on healthy circulation. Medical science studies agree that massage therapy can be beneficial for those who suffer chronic and non-specific low-back pain, which is related to stress.

Most of us have walked by those fabulous massage chairs located in malls and shopping centers, just luring us to sit down and relax a while. You will see the truly brave ones sitting there, half asleep and feel a tinge of jealousy set in. If you are a private person who entertains the relief a massage chair provides, the good news is you can easily get one of the best back massage chairs for 2017, now entering the market.

Let’s take a look at different op...

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OPTP Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are exercise devices used for massage and fitness. While usually long and cylindrical, they come in many shapes, sizes and varying textures. When used for self-massage, they help soothe tight, sore areas (known as “trigger points”) and speed up muscle recovery. This process of rolling out tight muscles and relieving tension is also called myofascial release. Using a foam roller is very important among pro athletes and should be used before and after any and all exercises. Doing this will ensure that your muscles are well prepared for anything the gym has to offer.

So how do you use a foam roller? While a first attempt at using a foam roller may feel a bit awkward, the technique becomes much more natural with a little practice...

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Myofascial Release Foam Roller

Before we get started it is important that you know what the word myofascial means. The word ‘myo’ means muscle and ‘fascia’ means band. Fascia is a strong but very flexible connective tissue which envelops every structure including the organs, muscles, tendons, and bones of the entire body providing support and protection. Therefore it is easy to see why the release of tension among those structures is very important and can keep you from getting injured.

The myofascia can get tears in them and if they don’t heal properly, the various layers of fascia can cause adhesions.  These adhesions stop the muscles working as freely and easily as they should which can then cause pain and discomfort...

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Foam Roller Lower Back Exercises

Foam rollers are a great workout tool for getting rid of aches, pains, and kinks in the lower back. Foam rollers are used in physiotherapy also so you know that this product is proven to work. Foam rollers are unstable allowing you to work on your core strength usually but they are also used for stretching out areas that are usually hard to stretch, especially the lower back.

Lower back stretching is key. Place the foam roller on a matt or somewhere you feel comfortable. Lie down with the roller positioned on your lower back. Cross your arms at your stomach or chest area, slowly rock back and forth on the roller...

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Best High Density Foam Roller

When you’re in the search for a foam roller there are a large number of manufactured foam rollers to choose from. Small foam rollers, large foam rollers, rollers with deep groves, rollers with no groves and many different foam rollers that have varying amounts of foam surrounding the tube. There is a new foam roller unlike any other on the market, with a high density core surrounded by a protective mid density foam. This foam roller is  called ergonflow. It is great to roll out deep trigger points and tight muscles with less discomfort than traditional foam rolls, designed by a team of physical therapists.

This foam roller was designed with a high density EPE foam core surrounded by a mid density foam casting...

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Best Foam Roller For The Back

If you are looking for the best foam roller for your back then the ProSource Sports Medicine Roller is what you’re looking for. This roller is the perfect blend of performance, sturdiness and cost-efficiency. The ProSource Sports Medicine Roller is a full-blown high-density roller with a hollow center, it has been carved using less amount of foam then the more typical foam rollers use, this is to give you a flawless experience of deep tissue massage. All of this combines to make by far the best foam roller to relieve any back pain you might be experiencing. If you are not experiencing pain, this roller is an excellent way to help keep your back ache free so you can go about your daily life.

The ProSource Sports Medicine Roller is tough enough to endure up to 300 pound...

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Top Three Best Back Massagers That FEEL Good 2014

Do you have intense back pain? If you do, then you’re like millions of others. Maybe you don’t have serious back pain and just want a good massage after work. For the best results, you’re going to need the best back massager. However, you probably don’t know what massagers are best. We decided this is the absolute best.

We created this top-three list to make it easy for you to make a choice. We’ve performed all of the research, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time and money. Each product on this list has been chosen based on several different criteria. Let’s jump right into it!

Our #1 ChoiceZyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Massage Cushion

For our top choice, we went with the Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Massage Cushion. There is plenty to love about this massager and almost nothing to dislike...

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