Best Foam Rollers For Runners

Foam rollers are seen in every gym all over the world, and for a good reason. These rollers keep the muscles stretched out for a better overall workout. Runners should know the benefits of using a foam roller and they should also know which foam roller is best for them. There are all kinds of rollers out there such as ones with groves in them, some of them are just plain, some are soft and some are hard. In this article the best foam roller for runners specifically will be brought to your attention. Where to buy these foam rollers and also some target areas on your lower body that you can focus on during your workouts to help make your run a lot easier.

Now chances are that you most likely use a foam roller after your run to relax your muscles for less soreness during the day. Although foam rollers are often used to ease post exercise tightness, research suggests that rolling out before you go out for a run has its perks too. Athletes who went through their normal workout routines but used a foam roller before hand said that squats, jumps, and shuttle runs they did minutes after they used a foam roller felt easier. And isn’t that the point of warming up before you get into intense workouts at the gym? Making sure that you are warmed up and comfortable beforehand.

If you were to use plain, soft foam rollers without any grooves in it you most likely aren’t going to get the desired results before your run. The softer your foam roller is the most likely it is to get worn out. A worn out foam roller will not massage or relax your muscles as well as a foam roller that is hard and sturdy as well as built with grooves in them. The sturdier you foam roller is, is important because a foam roller can lose its effectiveness over time. The life span of a foam roller at a gym is probably only a couple months. If you have your own it can last up to a couple years depending on how often you use it.


The foam roller in the picture above is the best for runners. You can workout muscles such as the Tibialis Anterior, this can reduce the risk of shin splints and also stabilize the ankle.The calf muscle, this can reduce the risk of muscle spasms. Vastus Medialis (thigh) you can get into a plank position and thoroughly get rid of all the kinks that would normally go unnoticed. Lastly, the gluteus when running you use your gluteus way more then you think so rolling your bottom frequently will take a lot of the stress off your lower body. These large muscles specifically are important for runners because they are the most used and also the most likely to get injured. Rolling these muscles out before and after your workouts will keep you fresh and in perfect form to compete in marathons or just go for a run around town.

In conclusion the best foam rollers specifically for runners should be hard, solid, and have grooves. This way you can put a lot of pressure on the foam roller without it breaking or losing its form. Smoothing out the leg muscles will greatly benefit any runner and they should be encouraged to buy a foam roller for optimal workouts. Amazon is a great place to search for all foam rollers and also videos and books on different exercises and ways that you can properly use your foam roller, not just for running but for every workout.