Best Foam Roller, IT Band Exercises

Foam rollers are a great way to loosen up before a workout. When you combine foam roller exercises with IT band exercises you can have the best workouts you have ever had, and feel more refreshed and relaxed to take on all your tasks during you workout routine. It happens all the time with athletes, they workout really hard and don’t realize the stress that they are putting on their muscles. Band exercises and foam roller exercises are a perfect way to relieve some of the stress on those muscles. This article is going to outline a couple exercises of both IT bands and foam rollers.

Clam shells are the first band exercise you can start with. Loop an exercise band just above your knees, lie on your left side with your feet and knees stacked. Ensure that your heels are in line with your spine as you are lying down. While keeping your feet together open your top knee as far as possible. Continue to open and close your knees at a moderate pace. Depending on how thick your band is you can do 15-30 reps or do as many until you feel a burning sensation.

The next band exercise is called the band walk. While standing with your legs shoulder width apart place a band over both of your legs just above the knee. Bend knees and shift hips as far back as possible. Bring your arms back and lift your chest like you are puffing it out. Leading with the right knee take a small step out to the right and then bring back to starting position. Take 20 steps out to the right then switch over and do 20 steps out to the left. You can do more depending on how easy this starts to become.

Foam rolling your quad muscle is important after doing some band exercises. All the stress you have built up can linger around if you don’t stretch out your muscles after using them. Lie on left side with the foam roller under the left quad. Shift weight into hands and allow feet to lift off the ground. Roll back and forth from the hip down to the knee for 30 seconds. Switch to your left quad and repeat. You can do this as many times as you like or until you feel you have done enough for your muscles to feel better the next day.

The most basic IT band exercise you can do is very simple. Cross your left leg over your right one and lean to the left (towards front leg) until you feel a stretch along the side of your left leg. Hold for 30 seconds. Remember to breathe deeply the entire time. Repeat this 5 times before switching to your other leg.

The last exercise you can do is also with a band. This particular exercise you will feel the burn more deeply then the others. Grab a band a lie faceup with legs hip width apart. Bring your left leg straight up and brace the band around the ball of your left foot. Slowly draw leg over to the right side. Hold for 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

woman exercising

In conclusion, doing these exercises before and or after your workouts can greatly help you muscles heal faster for the next time you workout. Its easy to just jump right into your daily routine but eventually there will be too much stress on your muscles and you will injure yourself. These exercises will help keep you body in tip top shape for all your workouts in the future.