Best Foam Roller For The Back

If you are looking for the best foam roller for your back then the ProSource Sports Medicine Roller is what you’re looking for. This roller is the perfect blend of performance, sturdiness and cost-efficiency. The ProSource Sports Medicine Roller is a full-blown high-density roller with a hollow center, it has been carved using less amount of foam then the more typical foam rollers use, this is to give you a flawless experience of deep tissue massage. All of this combines to make by far the best foam roller to relieve any back pain you might be experiencing. If you are not experiencing pain, this roller is an excellent way to help keep your back ache free so you can go about your daily life.

The ProSource Sports Medicine Roller is tough enough to endure up to 300 pounds, yet is flexible enough to be used by people with ailments of the spine. This foam roller is 24 inches long and has a 6-inch diameter. The surface features a flat rectangular spot and raised edges. These edges are very important as they push into the muscles on your back for a better massage. This is also an inexpensive option for a foam roller considering its large size. Most foam rollers are very plain on the edges but this roller because it is built with deep ridges is excellent at helping with back pain. Normal rollers will get the obvious tissue injuries and massage them, but the ProSource roller gets in deeper and massages all of the muscles not just the ones on the top. This is one of the biggest reasons the foam roller is great for the back.

foam roller back

Some excellent features to like about the foam roller are easy to identify. The ProSource Sports Medicine Roller is being preferred by rolling enthusiasts manly because of its size. The 24-inch design is absolutely perfect for massaging your back and also your quads without fear of falling off the edge. Many foam rollers are short and often you hear stories of people falling off the edges and hurting themselves. This foam roller eliminates the risk of falling and therefore allows you to comfortably roll out all the tension you may be experiencing in your body and especially your back. Not hurting yourself is obviously very important so why risk getting hurt with the smaller foam rollers when you can buy one that is big enough for you to do all the exercises you want without fear of any type of injury. That being said before you do any back exercises you might want to see a doctor first. Some back injuries are too severe to be treated with just a foam roller and might need medical attention. If not then the doctor will give you the ok to exercise with a foam roller and you should be ok in no time.

Now although the ProSource Roller has a lot of positives there are some negatives to be brought to light. A few customers who purchased this roller say that they find the bumps and ridges on the roller to be uncomfortable; they would prefer that they be more consistent and uniform. So if you are looking for a roller with consistent indents, this might not be your best bet. Now the ridges on the outside of the roller are inconsistent because when using it on your back sometimes the normal grooves don’t get into the harder spots on the back. This is why the ProSource rollers is the best.

In conclusion the vast majority of customers who have used the ProSource Roller have been extremely satisfied, particularly due to its large size making all rolling exercises much easier. Boasting a 4.5 out of 5 rating from a few hundred reviews is one of the highest among all foam rollers so its easy to see why this is the obvious foam roller for you to buy not only will it help your back but there are all sorts of muscles that can be helped using the foam roller and YouTube has hundreds of videos that can help you with that.