20 Foam Roller Benefits

When you’re at the gym and you see people using those foam rollers, you might think that they are only good for cracking your back. Foam rollers are much more useful than that, there are a large number of benefits that come from using a foam roller and this article is going to outline the top 20 benefits of using a foam roller before, during, or after your workout.

  • The first benefit to using a foam roller is that they are excellent in getting those nagging knots in your muscles and smoothing them out. Those of you who have had bad knots know that if you workout before smoothing them out can actually make for an awful workout and an even more awful morning the next day when you wake up and realize that you’ve actually torn your muscle because you didn’t do something as simple as use a foam roller and reduce or get rid of the kink or knot in your back.
  • All muscles have trigger points; the foam roller is great at accessing these trigger points and working them out. This can create better flow in your muscles for optimum performance at the gym or in your daily life.
  • Foam rollers are used to also release myofasical pain which is caused by muscular irritation which can cause from repetitive use of the same muscles.
  • The reduction or elimination of chronic pain.
  • All muscles in your body have stress or tension. Using the foam roller periodically is a great way to relieve your tension before you workout or after you have finished.
  • Back muscles are prone to have a great amount of pressure, use of the foam roller on those specific muscles is known to release immense amount of pressure and allows you to feel like you can breathe again.
  • When using the foam roller you are actually stretching out your muscles which improves flexibility and mobility.
  • Improves musculoskeletal health with repetitive use.
  • Foam rollers have also been known to help with muscle repair.
  • Torn muscles are also known to heal much faster when using a foam roller to ease the tension within the torn muscle parts.
  • When smoothing out the muscles while using the foam roller, allows the blood to flow more easily through those muscles and creates a better circulation of blood throughout your body.
  • Range of motion in athletes is very important, if you lack range of motion then the likelihood of getting injured is far greater. The foam roller creates extra range of motion.
  • When your body is constantly in motion your muscles tend to get a build up of lactic acid. Smoothing out your muscles with the foam roller is a great way to accelerate the breakdown of those lactic acids.
  • Constant use of a foam roller has also been known to maintain spine health.
  • Cellulite is very common and an annoyance, foam rollers have also been known to smooth out cellulite to make you look and feel much better.
  • When using on places where common injuries happen mostly muscles in the back and legs, you can actually prepare your muscles and strengthen them so common injuries become less common.
  • Inflammation is common among athletes or individuals who move a lot and using the foam roller on these areas has actually been known to decrease inflammation.
  • Strengthening your muscles by using a foam roller is also a great way to increase your balance.
  • Helps with form. Meaning when working out your form is much better when using a foam roller to ease your muscles and this can also reduce chance of injury.
  • Foam rollers when used daily have also been known to reduce scar tissue.

In conclusion the foam roller has 20 if not more reasons for you to use. Not only will this product allow you to maintain a better overall health but it can also increase your attitude by making your body look and feel great. You will not regret using a foam roller before during or after your workout. Foam rollers are also highly recommended for those who do yoga as well. Amazon has a large variety of foam rollers along with videos of exercises to help you along the way.